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C2 Associates Business Strategy and Development, LLC. – Our Experience

C2 Associates is a unique business development services organization of former military, congressional, and private industry professionals with the experience, capabilities and relationships to enable rapid development, implementation and fielding of products and services “before normal processes allow”. Our Leadership, Requirements Definition, Strategic and Tactical Business Development, Funding Alignment and CONOPS Development portfolio across C4ISR/Incident Awareness and Assessment (IAA), Aerospace & Defense and Services & Support markets is broad and has been widely recognized over the past six decades. Therefore, our company is structured to assure appropriate application of experience and capabilities to maximize client business development and expansion success.

As a compliment to C2 Associates business model, Foley Strategies provides subcontract Legislative Advocacy/Lobbying Support to assure congressional campaign success, as required, through extensive experience with the Federal Government budget process complimented by tactical knowledge and experience within both the US government Legislative and Executive branches.

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C2 Associates - Experience

We Break Barriers

C2 Associates Business Development experience, includes; strategic planning and process development, market entry tactics and contact definition along with unique government agency and private sector interoperability across federal, state, and local government levels commensurate with DoD, National Guard, DHS, and NASA markets.

Additionally, we are experienced in organizational Reengineering & Transformation by providing Board of Director level leadership, Merger and Acquisition (M&A) due diligence, business model evaluation, infrastructure development and training and product/process technology development.

C2 Associates has extensive experience in Domestic Response & Emergency Management Operations relative to Homeland Security mission involvement during 9-11 and Joint Domestic Operations Emergency Response (JDOER) missions during Hurricane Katrina, Wild-land Fires, and other similar Natural/National emergency preparedness and response operations.

We provide unique C4ISR capabilities through experience with; Command and Control Systems, Blue Force Tracking Systems, Tactical Airspace Integration Systems and Open Architecture Secure Information Systems, in addition to; Tactical and Strategic Data Links, and Wireless Communications & Data Systems. As an added feature, C2 Associates provides systems integration capabilities and live demonstrations to enable product application awareness and mission utilization.

C2 Associates Aerospace & Defense experience is extensive, including; manufacturing, operations and maintenance capabilities in manned, unmanned, fixed and rotary wing aircraft systems and subsystems; as well as solid and liquid propulsion space and missile systems.

Our Services & Support experience is derived from direct leadership positions within US Army, Air Force, National Guard and NASA base operations; as well as, range and test operations at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, White Sands Test Facility (JSC WSTF) and the US Army at the Kwajalein Missile Range (KMR).

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